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Lina’s Christmas Wishlist

Her list is also up on the Wishlist page.



1 page comic

It’s been a few months since my Mac switch and I haven’t really found out all it can do yet. So, I decided to browse through my application folder to see what’s there. And found this. I was immediately attracted by the fun icon and with a name like Comic life, how can you resist clicking. Well, it seems like Apple likes to put some fun-to-use programs on its systems and here I am creating my 1st comic: a single page layout. I made this up in less than five minutes and was able to upload it to flickr then my blog. All in less than 20 minutes. Too cool


Tina and Gils


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The fake Tina’s show was great. She had the mannerisms and facial expressions done well. The MacPherson Theatre was a great venue for this–very small and intimate. And here’s Gils (the number one Tina fan amongst my friends) taking a picture with her.


Canadian Rockies Trip

Lina and I are on a tour of the Canadian Rockies. It’s a 4 day/3 night tour, so the schedule is kinda rushed. This is end of day 2 and I’m writing this post on my Nintendo DS (which is hella slow), so I can’t write too much.

Day 1 was pretty much just driving, washroom break, eating then back to driving and repeat. Day 2 was an early start from Mary`s Hotel in Golden, BC–especially considering we are one hour ahead from Vancouver time. Boy was it worth the early start. Emerald lake was absolutely beautiful! The temperature there in the morning was only about 40°F (on a day I decided to wear shorts), which made the air crisp and cool. That, of course, added extra brilliance to the green shimmer of the lake.
On the bus and off to Lake Louise we went,

Our first activity of the day was the Gondola ride up the ski resort for a view of the lake and surrounding mountains. Again, as I was in my shorts, I was quite cold. Needless to say, the view was fantastic. We spent about an hour up there, downloaded after that and had lunch at the bottom.

From there, we were whisked away to Lake Louise and encouraged to visit Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. I understand know what people mean when they say that we live in a beautiful country and that the Rockies are a must see. Everything, from the lake to the glaciers to hotel is picture-esque. We took many photos there, headed to Banff for dinner and light shopping and ended up in Calgary.
And now it’s time to sleep for another early day awaits.

Edit: Between Emerald Lake and Lake Louise Gondola Ride on day 2 we also visited the Natural Landbridge


Long Weekend in Victoria

Tyson the Pizza Maker

Originally uploaded by Ryoh A

Lina and I are spending the long weekend with her mother and nephew in Victoria. So far we’ve been having a lot of fun. We’ve made a pizza, toured Chinatown, played some golf at the driving range and went to UVic to see some “human eating” bunnies (Tyson asked if they were going to eat him).

Click on the following link for full photo set.


More Cody Pics

Sleepy Cody

Here are more pics of Cody.


Cody Keiji

Cody Keiji

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Congratulations to Rob & Lindsay for your very cute (and squishy) baby. Cody Keiji was born on July 09, 2007.




In the last week 2 couples that I know have gotten married. Congratulations to Agata and Nick. Your wedding was very beautiful. Congratulations also to Fiona and Philip. I am very happy for all of you and I wish both of you many happy years.

Edit: Congratulations to Fiona and her move to the U.S.  We will miss you up here in Vancouver.

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