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iPhone use on BC Ferries

The iPhone is an awesome way to kill time on the ferry!! This was the first weekend that I headed to Victoria with my new phone, and it made the time absolutely fly.

I was very sceptical of Rogers/Fido coverage for Data between Tsawwassen and Swartz bay. I expected that my internet use would drop out frequently and be super frustrating. But, to my surprise EDGE coverage is wide spread and strong. 3G isn’t too bad either.

I noticed that, with 3G, I dropped my connection a few times which caused it to switch to EDGE, dropping the entire connection momentarily. If you just turn off 3G, the connection is very solid–a strong and steady signal.

(As I am typing this, the captain announced that a pod of Orcas can be seen up ahead. I’ve never seen so many people moving so fast on the ferry.)

I’m looking forward to future ferry trips.


Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog

I’ve heard murmurs about “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog” on Twitter and podcast, and being the the curious person that I am, looked it up on iTunes. The reviews were pretty good and the price was only $5.99 (CDN) for 3 acts at about 15 minutes each. Sounds like good entertainment value.

The story is about Dr Horrible and his struggle to get into the “Evil League of Evil” and to win over his love interest Penny. You can watch this for free on Hulu (if it says you can’t watch it because you are not in the US just ignore it and you should be able to view it) or purchase a high quality version on iTunes. Who knew that Neil Patrick Harris could sing?

Edit: Looks like Hulu is only allowing it to be seen from the US.

Trailer below:


Doodle – Online polls

If you’ve ever wished for an easier way to organize group get-togethers is the way to go.

For example, you are trying to organize an outing, maybe a camping trip, with friends. You send emails back and forth among your group. Week one works with Fred and Jane, but doesn’t work with Alex. After about 30 “reply all” emails and a flooded inbox you finally hash out a date that works with most people.

This is how you could accomplish the same thing with doodle. First you create a new poll and enter in the parameters: you input the options people can select as well as if they can select one or multiple from the list of options. When you are done creating, you are sent 2 emails with links to the poll. One is for the poll administrator and the other is the link you send to all the participants. Everything is very easy to use with a clean and simple user interface. (example of poll)

Give it a try. I’m sure you’ll find it useful.


Mahalo Daily

Mahalo is a human powered search engine. Unlike google that uses algorithms to figure out how relative a website is to one’s search terms, Mahalo uses real live people to aggregate and compile lists for search terms. Try it out some time, you will get some very interesting results.

My favourite part of Mahalo is their daily show Mahalo Daily with Veronica Belmont. They pretty much cover any subject that they can. Some are behind-the-scenes looks, others are interviews and many are on exhibits and lifestyles. Take a moment and watch some videos. There might be something of interest to you. First video below is about classic cars and the second is about the Computer History Museum in California. I wonder if I can check it out when I’m down there in June.

EDIT: Veronica has left Mahalo and has gone to Revision3 (home of Diggnation) as a co-host of Tekzilla.

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