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Mahalo Daily

Mahalo is a human powered search engine. Unlike google that uses algorithms to figure out how relative a website is to one’s search terms, Mahalo uses real live people to aggregate and compile lists for search terms. Try it out some time, you will get some very interesting results.

My favourite part of Mahalo is their daily show Mahalo Daily with Veronica Belmont. They pretty much cover any subject that they can. Some are behind-the-scenes looks, others are interviews and many are on exhibits and lifestyles. Take a moment and watch some videos. There might be something of interest to you. First video below is about classic cars and the second is about the Computer History Museum in California. I wonder if I can check it out when I’m down there in June.

EDIT: Veronica has left Mahalo and has gone to Revision3 (home of Diggnation) as a co-host of Tekzilla.


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