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Wow baby boy is here

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As usual, it’s been over 6 months since my last update on this blog.  It’s easier to update 140 characters at a time, so I don’t make it here frequently enough.

Here are things that have happened:

Lina & I got married on October 4th 2009 at SFU Diamond Alumni Centre. Much to our relief everything went smoothly.  We started our blog together ( where you can find a link to our wedding pictures.

wedding ring

I am now going back and forth between Victoria & Vancouver, with Victoria as my primary residence (that’s what it says on my drivers license).

We loved having the Olympics in town. The vibe and events were great, but the best part was we were at the Gold Medal winning Men’s Hockey game!!!

Since it was a once in a lifetime event–and also because we had the furthest seats possible–we purchased a 70-200 F4L lens for our Rebel. It is awesome. We now have the L bug. It’s great for taking creepy-stalker or private-investigator-tailing-someone, or best of all, candid shots for a more natural photo.

cody running

Lina and I travelled to Japan and Guam for Mako (my bro) & Hirono’s wedding. It was a lot of fun, but a bit of a whirlwind as we did not stay in one area too long.

GinzaJewell by the Sea

Gils and Sharon had their wedding in May, where I had the honour of being part of the wedding party. It was a beautiful wedding with fantastic people. I had a blast.

That is the 6+month update. I will try to write more often.




Lina and I would like to announce that we are now very happily engaged. To be honest, we have been engaged for the last couple of months.

For those of you who know us, you are all very aware that we have been together for ages. I’m sure that it’s not a surprise to any of you.

We will be having our ceremony on October 4th of this year.


Maple Ridge Truck Chase

This morning on my commute to work, I hear about a crazy dude in a 10 ton truck being chased by the Maple Ridge Police. The chase goes on for 40 minutes as he terrorizes the neighbourhood. For whatever reason he keeps doubling back over the same stretch of Lougheed Highway. When he finally runs out of steam he runs out and is nailed by an unmarked police car. Rolling head-over-heals on to the hood and being launched onto the road, he crumples to the ground and still tries to make a bit of a run for it. But, he’s hit hard enough to and surrounded by police. Point for the Maple Ridge Police! FTW!

Videos below. See part 2 (5 minutes in) for the Take-down!!!  Video from original Global morning broadcast.

Part 1

Part 2

Edit: Didn’t think that so many people were going to stumble across this blog. Here is some more info on this story: Global follow up report (Video) and Global story.


Canon XSi Sighting

On Thursday, I stopped by London Drugs to see if they had gotten the XSi in yet. To my surprise, there it was sitting in it’s glorious display case begging to be bought. The photo department person and I chatted about it for a few minutes and called Lina right away with my findings.

So, today, I went to London Drugs again and had a chance to play with the camera. It seemed like a nice camera (what do I know, right?) with some nice features. I found that turning on the live view feature took a little menu navigating. But, once it was enabled it was just a matter of pressing the “set” button. The odd thing about the live view is the fact that it doesn’t seem to autofocus. I guess you are supposed to set up the shot before hand. Of course the autofocus may be in there, but as I only had about 5-10 minutes with it, I didn’t really have a chance to check.

Very excited.


South Park

So I get a twitter post (tweet) from Dr. Tiki of Tikibar TV saying that South Park can be viewed online. All the episodes are there from 12 seasons in its entirety. Cool. I even heard it on News 1130 on the drive home. Awesome.

So here I am at home, very excited about this. I used to watch South Park with friends religiously. Unfortunately, in the last 5 or 6 years, I haven’t watched very many episodes. Mainly because it’s hard for me to watch TV shows on a regular basis to their schedule.

So, I go to and start to look into it. I see that there is a full episode guide. Select the season and then select the episode. Chose to watch the episode or read the guide. Of course, I choose watch episode. Bang! “Sorry Canada. Full episodes coming soon.” Man, oh man, why do we always get the short end of the free TV stick.

Lets hope that it’s actually sooner and not later.


Animal Crossing Movie

As most of you know, I’m a Nintendo Fanboy. And as a fanboy, one of my favourite games is Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS. It’s also one of Lina’s favourites. Sometime last year (I think), it was made into a kids move movie (thanks Gils for the usual spell check) that came out only in Japan and I highly doubt that it’ll be out anywhere else. But, some other Animal Crossing fan has subbed it in English and put it up on Youtube.

Most people don’t know or don’t care about this game, but this is mainly for Lina to enjoy. Hope you enjoy it Lina.


Nikon D60

Nikon D60
Image from CNET

Hot on the heals of the exciting news of the Canon XSi is the announcement of the Nikon D60. Being the NERD that I am, I couldn’t wait to find out more about the replacement for the D40x. I’ve checked out the feature list and was quite disappointed with it’s lack luster enhancements. Where as the XSi added new features along with the tweaks, the D60 only seems to be a slight revision of the D40x.

The only thing that’s worth noting is the ability to do stop motion video. This new feature will let you do your own version “Wallace and Grommet.”

Canon and Nikon have battle it out very heavily in the entry level digital SLR market. In the last generation (XTi vs D40x) Canon was losing ground to Nikon but now it looks like Canon will be regaining it’s lead. We can only hope that Nikon will come out with a D60x.

[Cnet Article]


Dexter Update

Looks like CTV has picked up this series to air on Sundays starting Feb. 17th, 2008.

I know that Gils didn’t enjoy the show very much, since he fell asleep in the first 15 minutes (see comments on Dexter post) of the show. But, if you are interested, they are showing the pilot episode on the date mentioned above. The 2 seasons have only 12 episodes each, so they have about half the episodes of a regular weekly series per season. Considering that, maybe CTV will be showing the 2 seasons back to back in one year. That way we’ll all be caught up for the 3rd season, when or if (due to the writers strike), it starts airing later this year.

[CTV Article]


Canon XSi

Canon XSi
image from CNET

As some of you know, I want to get more into photography. And browsing through some of the pictures on Flickr has been truly inspiring. Thanks to Lina and her mother’s Christmas Gift of a digital camera, I’ve been doubly hooked. Maybe I get obsessively compulsive about things like this. I’ve been drooling over both the Canon Rebel XTi and Nikon 40Dx. Oh, the choices…What should I do? Should I get the Body only and get better lenses? Or, should I get it with the lens (or 2 lens kit for the XTi) and start snapping.

Well, now, thanks to the PMA (Photo Marketing Association) 2008 show, Canon introduced the XSi: the successor to XTi. There are some impressive new features that will make it more appealing to me (and probably many others). Notable features include: Live View, which allows you to frame the shot through the LCD instead of the view finder; Upping of the Megapixel count; DigicIII processor; and a move from CF cards to SD cards.

I guess I will have to keep dreaming about them, because cameras like these are still overkill for my level of photography.

[Cnet Article]

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