Canon XSi

Canon XSi
image from CNET

As some of you know, I want to get more into photography. And browsing through some of the pictures on Flickr has been truly inspiring. Thanks to Lina and her mother’s Christmas Gift of a digital camera, I’ve been doubly hooked. Maybe I get obsessively compulsive about things like this. I’ve been drooling over both the Canon Rebel XTi and Nikon 40Dx. Oh, the choices…What should I do? Should I get the Body only and get better lenses? Or, should I get it with the lens (or 2 lens kit for the XTi) and start snapping.

Well, now, thanks to the PMA (Photo Marketing Association) 2008 show, Canon introduced the XSi: the successor to XTi. There are some impressive new features that will make it more appealing to me (and probably many others). Notable features include: Live View, which allows you to frame the shot through the LCD instead of the view finder; Upping of the Megapixel count; DigicIII processor; and a move from CF cards to SD cards.

I guess I will have to keep dreaming about them, because cameras like these are still overkill for my level of photography.

[Cnet Article]


1 Response to “Canon XSi”

  1. 1 Gils
    January 29, 2008 at 10:27 pm

    Well..it’s become quite obvious that I have not commented for some time, as the blogging has taken yet another “exciting turn”. To commemorate the return of Gils, I have this to say:

    PMA???? “the XSi: the successor to XTi” What kind weirdo techno babble is this???!! Drooling over cameras and photography?? For crying out loud… you should get a job!

    Your BFF

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