By ryoh

Here are some of the Wii titles that I own. I think that, despite some of the reviews, the games are still fun to play. Maybe it’s because I consider myself a casual gamer.

Games (in random order): Dragon Ball Tenkaichi 2, Redsteel, Rayman Raving Rabbids, Legend of Zelda, Wii Play, Super Paper Mario and Trauma Centre.

Trauma Center is one of those games that are really good but goes un-noticed by the general gaming community. It originated as a DS title which was also largely overlooked, but quite popular with those who owned or ever played the game. In this game you are a young doctor with extraordinary talent. Your objective is to perform surgeries on your patients and remedy their ailments. That may sound gory, but the graphics are well thought out that it doesn’t make you queasy.

More to come…


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