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Canon XSi Sighting

On Thursday, I stopped by London Drugs to see if they had gotten the XSi in yet. To my surprise, there it was sitting in it’s glorious display case begging to be bought. The photo department person and I chatted about it for a few minutes and called Lina right away with my findings.

So, today, I went to London Drugs again and had a chance to play with the camera. It seemed like a nice camera (what do I know, right?) with some nice features. I found that turning on the live view feature took a little menu navigating. But, once it was enabled it was just a matter of pressing the “set” button. The odd thing about the live view is the fact that it doesn’t seem to autofocus. I guess you are supposed to set up the shot before hand. Of course the autofocus may be in there, but as I only had about 5-10 minutes with it, I didn’t really have a chance to check.

Very excited.

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