Logitech Harmony Remote

As evidenced by the hoards and hoards of people and a parking lot packed with cars to the brim, people like to shop at Costco. Why not? It’s hard to find a better deal than them especially for food. My girlfriend (Lina) and I are part of that group. To be honest though, what I really like is having lunch there. I love grabbing a hotdog & drink and walking around to see what’s new in store.

Armed with said hotdog and drink in hand, the first area that I walk through—actually, it’s more like “forced to” because it’s smacks you in the face as you walk in the door—is the electronic section. Not only do I salivate over the food that they have there but also, the Harmony remote. It’s a $200 remote that will pretty much controls anything. You set up and download your remote setting from their website so it is almost future proof.

Seriously though, $200 for a remote is really hard to swallow. I walk by every time in hopes that the price has dropped. Alas, that has not yet occurred. As we push our cart back to the car, I always mention that we “forgot to buy the remote.” Maybe she was tired of hearing that phrase or maybe she was tired of wiping the drool off my chin as I stared at it, but more likely it’s because she is a really wonderful person that she has surprised me with a remote as a gift. How awesome is she? It’s not the same model but she got a heck of a deal from Dell. She always gets me very thoughtful gifts, especially when it comes to gadgets.

I can’t wait until this weekend when I get to try it out.


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