Canadian Rockies Trip Part II

Lake Louise

I know that it’s been a little while, but here we go with the second half of the trip.

Day 3: We left Calgary after we had our Breakfast Buffet at the Travel Lodge for the Columbia Icefields–the main highlight of our trip. But, on the way there we stopped at Peyto Lake. Stunning. From the elevated viewing area, this wonderful milky blue-green lake nestled with in the surrounding mountains captivates you. As beautiful as the pictures are you have to see them in person if possible. Off to the Icefields.

We arrive on site a little behind and our fearless leader “James Bond” dashes out of the bus and towards the administration building to pay for our admissions. We had a reservation for th Snow Coach that we had to make. We all b-line it to the washroom (you have to see 50+ people all filing towards the washroom) before we take out shuttle up to the Snow Coaches. The tires on that sucker is huge. I mean HUGE! It takes a nice leisurely trip to the the icefield where we had about 30 min to roam about there. You have to watch you step around there as you could fall into a hole. There are also a few streams up there where you were able to drink fresh glacier water. It was really cold and greatly refreshing. We had lunch at the base of the glacier in the cafeteria and we were off again.

Next stop was the Athabasca Falls. Very neat place that demonstrates the power of water. Just downstream of the water fall, there is a “pothole” made by the whirlpool action of the water. Slowly, it’s eroding away at the rock walls amplifying the drilling effect of the water.

The last stop before Valemont–our evening lodging location–was Mount Robson. It’s the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. Unfortunately, the peak was shrouded by some clouds, so as an alternative I took a picture with the information sign-board that had a picture of the peak.

In Valemont, we stayed at the Canoe Lodge and ate dinner at a Korean restaurant a few blocks from there. James was kind enough to set up a campfire (strangely, the restaurant has an area outside that is meant for campfires). We stayed up to about 11pm, against our better judgment, as we had to wake up at the cheery hour of 4:30 am

Day 4: Nothing to see, nothing to do. Just driving.

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  1. 1 Lina
    September 23, 2007 at 10:26 pm

    Your blog is really old. Please be considerate and update it. At least keep it interesting for your 2 sole readers. Thx.

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