I’m always surpised with the internet.  There are alot of people with great talent giving away their hard work.

Last night I was updating my “RSS et al” portion of my sidebar when, all of a sudden, all of it disappeared.  I don’t know what I did but it was gone.  What sucks about the sidebar is you have to type out the entire HTML code for the icons and all hyperlinks.  Pain in the BUTT!

Originally, I was just planning to add an icon, but now I thought I’d look for new icons.  I came across AODdesign! blog.  They have very cool web2.0 icons.  All for free!  All you need to agree is to use it for non-commercial applications and to link back to the website. Now I’ve updated my icons with the glossy ones from their site.

flickr round

Check it out.


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