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Blair’s Death Rain

I was wandering around on Saturday taking pictures of the city, when I suddenly found myself in front of a 7-11. Although it was cold, I was craving some Slurpee action. I was waiting for my turn in line when I saw Blair’s Death Rain Original Habanero Chips. They proclaimed to be Crazy Hot. I took that as a challenge.

I will admit that I am a spice fiend. I love spicy food, but not to the point where it’s doesn’t make any sense to spice it up. For example, I wouldn’t eat spicy pancakes. Spicy chips? Definitely.

Spicy Chips have always been a favourite of mine–but always disappointing. You have the Jalapeno chips that are not really spicy. Habanero is a spicier pepper than Jalapeno so I was excited.

I took a bite of the first chip in anticipation and was surprised that it was truly hot! I downed the whole bag in 5 minutes. These things are really really spicy. I was gulping down that Slurpee to quench the bonfire that was my mouth. And in the words of Ralphie from the Simpsons: “it tastes like burning!”


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