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Improv Everywhere

I subscribe to many blogs and RSS feeds. They are always a good read, but one of them really stand out. You won’t get a post-a-day or maybe not even one a month, but it is my most anticipated. Improv Everywhere is a blog of a group of people based in New York who like to pull of pranks. They are never doing anything against the law or endanger anyone’s safety.

The latest post, Human Mirror, takes place on a subway train with 8 sets of twins. Each sibling is on opposite sides of the train mirroring each others movement.

All their pranks are really funny, with my favourites being Frozen Grand Central, Best Game Ever, Food Court Musical, and of course their famous No Pants 2k8 days.

Check out the video for below and followthis link to the post itself for the behind-the-scenes look.


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