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Vignette Effect

I’ve been experimenting with Pixelmator photo editing program for the last few months. It’s sort of like a stripped down version of Photoshop for the Mac. At $59 US for Pixelmator vs $649 for Photoshop, an amateur like me would go for the former. The only drawback is the fact that many filters that are found in Photoshop aren’t available. You can still achieve many of the same visual changes manually as you would with filters, it’ll just take longer.

My latest project is adding a Vignette effect to pictures. It’s when you add a dark soft boarder on your photos to help bring the viewers attention subtly toward the main subject.

Below are my first 2 attempts.

Original on left. Vignetted on the right.
Vignette Example

Orignal on top. Vignetted on the bottom.
Vignette Example

Tutorial for Vignette in Pixelmator

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