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View from Cambie Bridge


Originally uploaded by Ryoh A

Who says that construction delays and congestion on Cambie is a totally bad thing. Granted, most of the time you (edit) it bugs the crap out of me to be stuck in traffic on the bridge. In fact, I avoid that area like the plague now. Sometimes, and only sometimes, it’s good to be stuck in traffic and take a little bit of a breather. Lina snapped this and a few more (click picture to see the rest of them on flickr) while stopping and going.


Vancouver nightscape

A little bit of everything

Originally uploaded by Ryoh A

The day that I took this shot, it had been pouring rain for most of the day, and had let up in the afternoon. In fact, we even had a chance to see a double rainbow for the brief moment we actually saw the sun. It was also our Tree Trimming Party at work so we were all staying a little later. I was taking a few pics of the party, when I looked outside to see if the weather was any different. That’s when I saw this and had to snap it.

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