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Back to Vancouver, off to Seattle (again)

Now that we are back in Vancouver, and surprised by how hot it is, we will be heading out to Seattle for a Mariners game. Seattle vs. Toronto on Tuesday night. Do I cheer for Ichiro or the Jays.

By the end of the week, I will post up details of the SF trip as well as the pictures taken there.

Time for some sleep. Must get up in 4.5 hours.


New Apple Store – Vancouver

I went to the Apple Store opening in Vancouver yesterday, and to my surprise (not really), there were 2 bajillion people lined up there — there goes my free T-shirt. It was amazing.

The line went from the front of the store, out the nearest exit onto Granville, around the corner onto Georgia and down the street reaching Howe. Crazy. You could hear and feel the buzz of anticipation of the crowd. It was funny watching regular shoppers come in to the mall and ask what was happening and not understand why anyone would line up for this purpose. Obviously they don’t use Apple products.

The gates finally open and an massive cheering erupts, not from the crowd as you might suspect, but the employees of the store. The first bunch of people get to walk into the store lined with employees clapping and cheering as the are handed their T-shirt. It must have been nice to get that star treatment.

Compared to the Chicago store, which is the only one I’ve been to, it looked quite tiny. But, of course, finished in that Apple elegance. I waited to see how quickly the line would subside since I didn’t want to wait 1 or 2 hours to get in. It didn’t look like it was moving so couldn’t stick around to get in. I guess I’ll try on Monday.

Edit: Pictures added. Click to see larger pictures on flickr.
Apple Store Opening VancouverApple Store Opening VancouverApple Store Opening Vancouver


Evolution 107.9 FM

Today, as I dropped off a work van to a Ford dealer for a warranty service, I found my self radio station surfing. Normally I don’t actually end up listening to radio. Why should I? I have my iPod, a car that has an Aux input jack, and hours of podcasts and music. I shouldn’t say that I don’t listen to radio, because that would be a lie. I DO listen to radio but it ends up for info only like News 1130, or at work where we hear “your soft favourites” on 104.9 Clear FM or 103.5 QMFM.

I scanned through and got to the end of the dial and found Evolution 107.9 a station that is staffed by BCIT broadcast students. If you are tired of hearing the same old overplayed songs on the mainstream stations check them out. They are mainly focused on the indy scene. The hosts are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

I’ll be tuning in more frequently to these guys.


View from Cambie Bridge


Originally uploaded by Ryoh A

Who says that construction delays and congestion on Cambie is a totally bad thing. Granted, most of the time you (edit) it bugs the crap out of me to be stuck in traffic on the bridge. In fact, I avoid that area like the plague now. Sometimes, and only sometimes, it’s good to be stuck in traffic and take a little bit of a breather. Lina snapped this and a few more (click picture to see the rest of them on flickr) while stopping and going.



I’d like to say the I love my new camera that Lina and her mother gave me for my birthday gift. I carry it around everywhere! A few Fridays ago, we had our company Christmas Party at the Westin Bayshore. And, as usual, there is drinking involved at the party, so opted for a hotel room. We were lucky enough to get a room with a decent view of the North Shore and some very nice looking yatchs.  There are also some more pics on Flickr.



Vancouver nightscape

A little bit of everything

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The day that I took this shot, it had been pouring rain for most of the day, and had let up in the afternoon. In fact, we even had a chance to see a double rainbow for the brief moment we actually saw the sun. It was also our Tree Trimming Party at work so we were all staying a little later. I was taking a few pics of the party, when I looked outside to see if the weather was any different. That’s when I saw this and had to snap it.


Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver

Originally uploaded by Ryoh A

I’ve been playing with my new camera and gorillapod. I took this from waterfront street by the Helijet terminal.

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